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Optimum Beauty Skincare

At Optimum Balance we combine the latest technologies with top-of-the-line products to provide the skin with nutrients, promote the production of collagen and elastin, and minimize skin imperfections and signs of aging.


Non invasive treatment designed to remove dead cells, improve texture, appearance and luminosity of the skin. We use a combination of vacuum system and diamond tip to remove all impurities, diminish scars, hyper-pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.


Micro needling is a minimally invasive treatment that will leave your skin smoother, firmer and younger looking.

During a Micro-needling (or collagen induction treatment) the aesthetician passes a wand with very fine needles over the skin creating micro channels and inducing the collagen and elastin production. This treatment has no down time, no major side effects and noticeable results in short periods of time.

Radio Frequency

Technique that gradually warms the skin, acting mainly on existing collagen fibers, strengthening them and producing new collagen and elastin in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines. It also tightens the tissues, improves blood circulation, increases oxygen supply to the skin and eliminates toxins. Radio Frequency improves appearance and rejuvenates the skin

Fibroblast - Bioplasma

Bioplasma creates a plasma arc through the ionization of nitrogen contained in the atmospheric gas. It's then directed to the skin's surface at approximately 1mm of distance from the skin discharging a spark that sublimates the skin and promotes a contraction of the tissue treated.

This procedure preserves the integrity of the tissues as it only sublimates the surface of the skin (epidermal layer). The sublimation of the skin is followed by the formation of a scab that acts as a biological dressing that protects the skin until it regenerates. The plasma stimulates the fibroblasts to create collagen and elastin responsible for the effect of tension and rejuvenation of the treated surface.

Phyto Hydrotherapy

Facial treatment based on botanical extracts and water. Suitable for all skin types and ages. Designed to

to bring maximum moisture to your skin, plus the added benefits of vitamins, antioxidants, oxygen, amino acids and key minerals.

What Our Clients Are Saying 

If you are looking for body contouring in certain areas without the surgery...O.B. Is the place to be. Wonderful and caring staff; great location in Pompano Beach. I was able to put down a reasonable down payment (some companies won't hear of this) and workout a payment plan without the credit check and financing hassle. It has been one month since my thigh slimming sessions and they are fabulous. I am now working on banishing a 2nd degree burn scar and i must say the out come is unbelievable after 3 session (good bye scar). I am very happy with the results. Much love to Diana and staff. Thanks..

Glenda V

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