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Optimum Body Sculpting

OPTIMUM BODY is a safe non invasive body contouring treatment that helps our clients reduce inches, sculpt and tone the body without the need for surgery. We combine natural methods with the latest aesthetic technologies and take into account different personal factors such as metabolism, age, physique, and lifestyle to personalize the treatments and accomplish the OPTIMUM BODY goal without compromising your health.



Pain-free to minimally uncomfortable.

Fast results become more visible and measurable with each treatment.

Results include but are not limited to: lifting, toning, and tightening, improved proportions and overall body profile, increased muscle definition, fat, inch, and cellulite reduction.

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Cryo Lipolysis

Cryo-lipolysis more commonly know as Fat Freezing is the latest non invasive method to eliminate unwanted localized fat. The freezing treatment consists of the programming of the adipose cells through the application of low temperatures directly over the desired area to reduce its size and promote its elimination in a natural process.


Ultrasound Cavitation is an aesthetic treatment used to reduce localized fat. When using this leading-edge technology fat cells are converted into a liquid to then be drained by the body's natural filtration system.

Radio Frequency

Radiofrequency RF treatments heat up the skin, promote blood, and stimulate collagen production. Resulting in the breakdown of fatty cells, and improvement of skin tone and elasticity. RF is used to treat cellulite, tighten saggy skin, and small localized pockets of fat

Presso Therapy

Treatment is designed to improve blood circulation, improve the movement of the lymph, remove toxins, prevent varicose veins, alleviate tired legs and fluid retention, body slimming and body shaping, reduce cellulite, weight management, and more.

Presso - therapy works through a controlled air compression system of inflating pumps. 

Cryo Therapy

Ice therapy utilizes a 100% natural product, made of a precise combination of coffee, ivy, seaweed, and other products that together promote the breakdown of adipose tissue in the body.

In addition, Ice therapy helps mold the body, reduce inches, metabolize lipids, reduce water retention, and reaffirm the skin, by promoting the natural production of collagen and elastin.

Vibra Therapy

Accelerates fat loss

Low impact workouts

Relieves aches and pains

Reduces osteoporosis

Reduces cellulite

Tones and tightens body

Decreases stress

Improves circulation

Improves metabolism.


Parafin Seamud

Parafango is a mixture of Sea Mud and Paraffin. The Sea Mud is rich in minerals and causes pore dilation and perspiration with a calming and analgesic effect. And the Paraffin optimizes the penetration of the active ingredients used for deep, long-lasting effects. Benefits of parafango therapy include: wellness, beauty, health, softens the skin, reduces pain, drains liquids, detoxifies skin, remineralize the body, fights cellulite and improves the venous systems, circulatory and lymphatic systems.

What our customers are saying

My experience at Optimum Balance Fitness & Wellness was an extremely rewarding journey. From the time I came for my initial consultation to my last appointment, Diana and her staff was very nice, welcoming, and passionate about getting me maximum results. When I first began I was nervous because this process was not surgical, it was all non-invasive. But week after week as the inches decreased I became more confident. I am happy that I came and I'm even happier that I lost the amount of weight I did as well as inches. Leaving here I am more confident and passionate about continuing my journey to remain healthy.

Thank you Diana for all you have done!

Shakira Skinner

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