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Optimum Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments

  • Regular European Facial    $65
  • Ageless Beauty (Anti Aging treatment)   $85
  • Melanin Treatment (Hiper pigmentation)    $85
  • Hydrate, Tone, and Fit Treatment    $85
  • Acne Treatment    $85
  • Got your Back (Back facial)   $75
  • Facial for Him    $65
  • Microdermabrasion Deluxe    $110

Facial Enhancements
(May add to any of our facial treatments)

- Eye $10
- Lip $17
- Eye & Lip $15
- Hydroplastic Mask $15

Micro Needling
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Micro needling is a minimally invasive treatment that will leave your skin smoother, firmer and younger looking.

During a Micro-needling (or collagen induction treatment) the aesthetician passes a wand with very fine needles over the skin creating micro channels and inducing the collagen and elastin production. This treatment has no down time, no major side effects and noticeable results in short periods of time.

Benefits of micro needling: 

  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines. 
  • Diminish surgery and acne scars.
  • Reduces appearance of stretch marks.
  • Prevents signs of aging.
  • Reduce hyper-pigmentation
  • Diminish age spots

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Frozen organic herbal blend rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that will repair, protect and rejuvenate your skin.
- Skin toning
- Reduce double chin
- Repair skin texture
- Deep cleanse 
- Mold facial lines and neck
- Promote cell regeneration and collagen production
- Stimulate circulation
- Oxygenate skin
- Improve elasticity and firmness
- Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
- Heal acne

Misencil Eyelash Extensions
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Wide variety of lashes and application types based on the shape of the face and desired effect